(Wedding Invitations and Announcements)

Letterpress Finesse has created award-winning invitations! We will work with you to achieve a package that’s unique and exquisite. The first hour of consultation and design is free! Start with fine paper and fine printing techniques. Add imagination. Maybe a special touch, such as foil, embossing, die cutting or eyeleting. Your family, friends and professional acquaintances will ooh and ahh at the result. All at a price that will make a bigger wedding cake possible!

We can also personalize items such as photo albums, cocktail napkins, favors baskets and ribbons for your event.

Call us for the best invitations and announcements for anniversaries, birthdays, quinceaneras, holidays, baby and wedding showers, or whatever you plan to celebrate.

(deep impression printing)

We use a number of techniques and materials to bring you the most satisfying tactile experience possible! We use deep-relief plates made of tough polymer or copper so that fine lines and delicate images stay crisp from the beginning of the run to the end. Plates can be made from your or our digital files. Or, for a truly retro look, we have around 400 fonts of metal type for hand type setting. We use this type to make a polymer or copper plate. Please don’t patronize printers who do deep impressions directly from metal type. This type is made from a soft lead alloy and will be destroyed in the process. Many of these fonts can never be produced again, and when the current supply of type is gone, the fonts will become extinct.

Not all images are appropriate for deep impression printing, nor are all papers. Before you go too far with your design, please contact us to get the benefit of our experience. Deep impression printing can be done on many items—stationery, cards, announcements, bookplates, bookmarks, pocket folders and broadsides, to name a few.