JIM PRINTING (imprinting)

Letterpress printing can be used to print on many items that offset or digital machines can’t handle. Here’s a partial list:

  • Rigid items, such as photo mailers or illustration board
  • Pre-converted pocket folders, certificate holders, CD sleeves
  • Booklets that have already been bound
  • Carbonless forms—crash numbering and printing and perforating
  • Very small sheets, such as finished business cards
  • Round or other odd-shaped items
  • Flexography on items such as paper bags
  • Thermography on offset-press-unfriendly paper, and including metallic, pearlescent and other finishes that your local thermographer will try to talk you out of using

Although letterpress is normally associated with deep impression, we can use a “kiss” impression and careful color matching to harmonize our printing with any offset or digital printing that has already been done on a piece.

(scoring, perforating and die cutting)

Letterpress Finesse has become one of the premier trade letterpress shops in Arizona, thanks to low prices, high quality and fast turnaround.

SCORING can be done on sheets as small as 1 inch by 2 inches (like jewelry cards). Our scoring is accurate, crisp and crack-free every time.

Our PERFORATING is guaranteed to tear cleanly, whether it’s a raffle ticket cut with 8 teeth per inch, or a billing statement with a 100 TPI microperf.

For DIE CUTTING, we have many standard dies in stock for door hangers, rolodex cards, index tabs, business card slits, report cover windows, circles, etc. Custom dies can be made from sketches or digital files, and are priced quite reasonably. Kiss cutting is die cutting that cuts only partially through the press sheet. Kiss cutting is most often done on pressure-sensitive label stock.

Score and a die cut, two bits? It may actually cost more than that, but our prices are the lowest around.


We can number raffle tickets, gift certificates, carbonless forms, etc. with no minimum or maximum. Here’s more:

  • Various sizes and styles of numbering machines to suit various jobs
  • Forward or backward numbering
  • Skip-wheel numbering so that, say, page 1 will have numbers 1-2-3-4, page 2 will have numbers 5-6-7-8, etc.
  • Numbering in any color—not just black or red!
  • Up to 64 6-digit numbers per sheet
  • MICR numbering for bank checks
  • Numbering in foil for limited edition posters, CD sleeves or gift certificates. Very classy and very difficult to counterfeit.


We do most of our own finishing, and we provide some specialized services to the trade:

  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Padding
  • Round cornering
  • Hand collating
  • Hand folding
  • Hand gluing—folders, sleeves, displays, etc.
  • Eyeleting
  • Custom envelope conversion. Nearly any paper stock. Many standard sizes in stock. Custom sizes available. No minimum!